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“…founded in 1937 as part of the Rural Electrification Act

Doniphan Electric Cooperative Association, Incorporated is a nonprofit, member-owned organization. We were founded in 1937 as part of the Rural Electrification Act (RECA) to provide electric service to members of Doniphan County and areas in Atchison and Brown counties. We are located in Troy, Kansas.  

The REA is now the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) and is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

Doniphan Electric Cooperative is the smallest Rural Electric Cooperative in the state of Kansas serving about 1,200 residential and business consumers. It employs just a few linemen who maintain the 480 miles of distribution line. The goal of Doniphan Electric Cooperative is to provide members with safe and reliable electric service, in a prompt and efficient manner, at the most economically feasible rate. 

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